Devised Theater: A Venn Diagram

Devised Theater: A Venn Diagram
This diagram was created by the co-producing artistic directors of Rude Mechs to depict the complexity of creating and crediting collaboratively devised work for theatrical performance.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Art for an Unexpected Place

Below are the images of the classes assignment: Art for an Unexpected Place. We were instructed to create some type of art in a place or space where it would not usually be found. We received a lot of really great feedback and were excited to share our art with the community!

Kurt and Kremena's Love Lock Fence outside of Third Street Stuff.

Sara's canvas that reads "You are beautiful!" that was left in a campus bathroom.

Ashley's Flowers were placed outside of Little Theater.

Jacqueline's Ale-8 art outside of Rosenthal Commons

Kristina and Ellen's Flower Garden outside of Haupt Humanities. 

Gio's Smiling Tissue Box Art

Michaela's Paper Swans were found in a local park.

Haley's art was found on the halls of Forrer.

Sierra's Chalk Art was placed outside of Forrer near the loading dock.

Lauren sang to the people at Tolly Ho!

Luke made and left cups outside of Homegrown Press on North Limestone.

Laura left encouraging notes around campus!

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