Devised Theater: A Venn Diagram

Devised Theater: A Venn Diagram
This diagram was created by the co-producing artistic directors of Rude Mechs to depict the complexity of creating and crediting collaboratively devised work for theatrical performance.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Why do Kremena and Kurt teach this course?

Kremena and Kurt teach this course for a variety of reasons that will be outlined in the comments below.


  1. Eleven years ago I watched as three men carried the packages of my life off a truck, across the yard, over a stray shoot from an untamed rosebush and up two flights of stairs into my apartment. I slept alone on the floor of my new home, two blocks north of here, and woke periodically through the night to a thunderous, cacophonous sound. Though I leapt from the mattress and ran to the window each time, I never caught glimpse of the hooligans that I knew were attempting a break-in.

    Each morning I walked to work and came to know most of the people who lived between my studio on Transylvania’s campus and my home: a place still troubled by an ice-cube maker without a connection to the water service. Set to produce ice cubes only at night, it delivered crashing noises: a soundtrack to my dreams. There were no attempted break-ins. I did not live amongst hooligans as I had suspected.

    My university did not know that. Judging by the rusted sea of chain-link fence and the expansive windowless walls on the north side of campus, Transylvania still believes bands of thieves prowl about my house. I wonder if President Shearer and the Board of Trustees would have been afraid of my ice cube maker in the same ways that pizza delivery men still are. Though the pizza they offer is only slightly better than soggy cardboard sprinkled with fake parmesan cheese from green-foiled cans, I learned to appreciate Dominoes for their willingness to deliver under heavy artillery fire. No other company ferried their pizza to the homes between Fourth and New Circle: a no-pizza zone established to prevent poorly installed kitchen appliances from striking out with murderous rage.

  2. Because I grew up knowing that when you are two eggs short a batch of sugar cookies, you ring your neighbors’ doorbell and borrow your way into what you are missing,

    Because I want Transylvania to be a neighbor who offers both eggs and access to all the goods on its well-stocked shelves,

    Because I now live two doors from a woman who tells me, “Your lights were off when I walked by your house this morning, your daughter must have slept late,” every time we sleep past 8,

    Because I want Transylvania to know when its neighbors sleep in and when they hurt because of who we think they are,

    Because I teach novels about little black boys afraid to walk through white neighborhoods,

    Because I teach these novels at a university that would be as daunting to these boys as the whitest of neighborhoods,

    Because I want my students to understand why the boys are afraid,

    Because sympathy for people in a book is more easily learned than sympathy for the people we encounter North of campus,

    Because we prefer not to go there for fear of who lives there,

    Because I believe that walking without fear matters.

    1. The Living Arts and Science center is looking for volunteer for their annual art auction Hartful of Fun. Your class sounds wonderful!! Would your class be interested in giving us a hand!?!?!We would love to see and meet you before your doll making workshop here in March!!!
      Thank You!
      -jamie karolich