Devised Theater: A Venn Diagram

Devised Theater: A Venn Diagram
This diagram was created by the co-producing artistic directors of Rude Mechs to depict the complexity of creating and crediting collaboratively devised work for theatrical performance.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Class Notes 1/15

Rich Schein 

Different ways of viewing the cultural landscape:
Art History View: as showing property/wealth
Architecture: buildings/ urban dwellings etc. 
Landscaping: cutting trees, altering the environment 

  • you can look at the design of the landscape, but it is also very important to look at who is behind the landscape. Look at people as writing on the earth. 
  • We all write the landscape, we all alter it in some way. 
  • if we open up the landscape to all people then there are as many meanings to it as there are people. 
  • Landscape can also serve as a place of hanging up our disagreements. 

Landscape as a thing and it’s meaning 
  • Central Park- designed by Olmsted and Vox, man made in NYC. Little bit of nature in a large city, public space. All parks are based off this model. 
  • American Suburbs symbolically represents the American way of life. Leisure and affluence, nuclear family centered, safe and attractive. Mass transit, family values and shopping malls. 
  • effects equity in the work place
  • carbon foot print increased. 
  • people in a suburb may feel apart of a community, but it is often exclusionary. 
  • Gender dimension to the suburbs- mom and kids are at home, dad works.

Fire insurance Map - Rich found his house on an old fire insurance map. The houses next to it were indicated not by a drawing, but simply referenced as “negro dwellings 75ft away”.  These houses weren’t on the map because African Americans couldn’t afford the fire insurance. 
  • While they aren’t their physically on the maps, their presence can be compared to that of a ghost. Their work and labor are evident. 

Frederick Turner- progressive agrarian views - Lexington was a city before the  “pioneer frontier”. 

1860’s in Lexington- African Americans begin to move north or participate in share cropping. 
  • 1940’s/1950’s- Lexington sprawled outward, causing many African Americans to be kicked out of their homes. ex: Cadentown- only preserved because people tapped into the preservation movement. 
Isaac Murphy- won 4 Kentucky derbies, yet is not represented at thoroughbred park. Thomas Tolliver is trying to get this amazing african american jockey recognized with a plaque installation. 

Lyric Theater- a place where jazz music was played in the east end in the 20’s/30’s/40’s. People enjoyed the entertainment regardless of race. 
- restoration was a battle, couldn’t decide what we wanted the space to be. The location itself was caught in the middle of the two side argument. Now is a community theater and events space. 

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